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30 July 2006 @ 06:10 pm
lalala. quiz.  
Revolutionary Soul

The anarchists of the Earth Angel ranks, your spiritual family like a stirring volcano is constantly moving, forever changing, and you unleash your power and force when least expected, and all around you feel it coming. If there was such a thing as an "awkward teenager soul" it would be yours. The revolutionary souls are the future of the spiritual society as they refuse to be tied to any category of soul. Your hunger for knowledge is deep and you are constantly bored. You live for your independence and float from one dimension to the other, exploring all philosophies and teaching, and applying them to where you think they're relevant. Some percieve you as arrogant and brash, but that is just the upstart in you talking. Never one to yield to tyranny and conformity, you laugh in the face of authority figures and live a life of right or wrong based on your gut feeling. You have a natural contempt for all that's popular and trendy, and think humans on the majority are fools for their need to have how they should think and feel dictated to them. You were most likely the class rebel and got into trouble quite a bit when young with your sarcastic sense of humour and brutal comebacks. It was your kind that gave birth to the Punk era, and was behind the overthrowing of many a corrupted and unjust leader throughout time. Use that conviction and determination to inspire others, and victory will surely be yours.

=> http://quizilla.com/users/elleprimadonna/quizzes/Which%20Earth%20Angel%20Are%20You%3F/
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