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29 September 2006 @ 10:13 pm
mego is bored  
tons of questions that show your in depth side!
whats your name?:Wow, what an "in-depth" question.
what do people call you?:How deep. What do people call me? THERE'S NOTHING DEEPER THAN THIS, FOLKS.
where you named after anything?:(sigh) This survey is so pointless and lame. My "in-depth" side, my foot!
if you were born the oppisite sex what would your name be?:If I were a guy, my name would be Tiffany. See, I'm just deep like that.
do people spell/say your name wrong?:Yes, they usually spell it Tifanie.
if you could change your name what would you change it to?:I think I like the name Tiffany, thanks, I'll keep it.
gender?:Vegtable. Because veggies are deep and have a real "in-depth" side.
birthday?:I was planted in a garden and named Tiffany Tomato. Nice, deep use of alliteration, 'eh?
age?:I'm sorry, but while this is a deep and in-depth question, I'm just too shamed to say my age.
age you act?:Are you saying I'm immature? How shallow of you to assume such things!
age you want to be?:This is too personal, I'm sorry.
height?:Tomatoes usually aren't that tall.
eye color?:Seriously. You call this "in-depth" when you don't even seem to know that tomatoes don't have eyes.
happy with it?:I seriously doubt your reliabilty.
natural hair color?:Perhaps you hallucinate that tomatoes have hair?
happy with it? if not do you dye it?:They don't. You might want to seek help.
righty or lefty?:If I had hands I'd totally answer this deep question of yours.
family?:I have a few potato spud cousins living in the patch of soil next to me.
pets?:Alas, I do have a pet worm named Elanor.
peircings?:If I got a piercing, all the juice would squirt out of me.
tatoos?:Like I said, this is really deep.
love and stuff
single?:"Love and stuff." That's real nice.
who are you with, or who do you want to be with?:You know, it rhymes, "love and stuff" does.
are you in love?:Have you ever considered becoming a poet?
have you ever been in love, if so how many times?:You have some nice natural rhyming abilities.
do you believe in love at first sight?:Not to mention a nice repetitiveness in these deep questions.
is it possible to be faithful to one person for ever?:I could be faithful forever to a poet such as yourself.
do you want to get married?:I could see me married to a poet such as yourself.
do you want to have kids?:I could see myself having a poet such are yourself's babies.
how many?:It's all up to you, darling.
do you believe in divorce?:I could never divorce, you, baby.
do you belive in true love?:You as a great "in-depth" survey maker and aspiring poet are my true love.
do you consider love a mistake?:You, a mistake! No!
turn-ons?:Poets and deep survey makers.
do you think the oppisite sex finds you attractive?:I think you find me attractive.
what is best about the opposite sex?:All I know is that I'm a sexy tomato.
what is worst about the oppisite sex?:And I know that you're a sexy poet.
are you a virgin?:Wow, what a deep and romantic question, sweetie.
do you belive you should be in love to have sex?:I believe I love you.
how far have you gone?:That's a bit peronal, now, don't you think?
how many people have you had sex with?:SUCH A DEEP QUESTION, MY LOVE.
do other people consider you a slut?:I consider me a slutty tomato. I bet you think that's hot.
right at this moment...
where are you?:In your lap, darling.
what can you see out your window?:I can see nothing but my love for you.
are you listening to music?:The music of my love, yes.
are you lonely or tired?:Not as long as your around, baby.
use 5 words to decribe how you are feeling::Love-sick, fuzzy, happy, dreamy, hot ;)
are you talking to anyone online? if so who?:I can't talk to anyone but you, you darling poet.
are you talking to anyone of the phone? if so who?:I'm talking to you, silly.
what are you wearing?:Oh, /you/ know...
what are you doing?:Teehee.
whats on your mousepad?:Honey, such silly questions! My mouse, of course.
how many true friends do you have?:You are my one and only, poet.
are you a loner?:How could you ask such a thing!
who is your best friend?:You.
who is the best listener?:You, of course.
do you prefer to hang out with one friend or a group of friends?:I prefer you.
who do you wish you were closer to?:(scoots closer) Am I close enough, now?
who knows the most about you?:You.
who knows the least about you?:You know everything about me, darling.
who do you trust the most?:You.
the least?:I trust you completely, honey.
who do you fight with the most?:I could never imagine fighting with you!
who do you talk to online the most?:Yooouuu <3
who do you talk to on the phone the most?:Yooouuu<3
do you trust others easily?:I trust only you, my darling poet.
name one who's arms you feel safe in::I feel safe in your poet-y arms.
who house were you at last?:I'm in yours, now, of course, darling.
who's your second family?:You are my family.
who lives the farthest away?:I couldn't say.
do you....
smoke?:Yes, because lung cancer is cool.
drink alcohol?:Yes, because getting hung over is cool.
do drugs?:Yes, because dying early is cool.
pray?:Indeed I do.
go to church?:But of course!
sleep with stuffed animals?:You are the only "stuffed animal" I need<3
take walks in the rain?:As long as I'm with my big, strong, poet man!
dance in the rain?:Even though tomatoes can't walk or dance. :(
do any sports? if so which ones?:I sit in the ground like a coach tomato.
sleep around?:;)
lie a lot?:NEVER. not to you, darling.
steal?:Okay, so there was that incident with the jelly beans...
gamble?:I'd never gamble my love for you.
have you ever....
kissed a stranger?:(smooch)
slept with a stranger?:Would you leave me, poet, if I said yes?
spun until you were so dizzy you couldn't walk?:I'm always dizzy in your arms.
screamed so much you lost your voice?:I scream when I'm without you.
laughed so much it was painful?:See, I can be poetic, too.
cried so much it was painful?:I scream so loudly when I can't hear your voice;
gone skinny dipping?:...It makes me believe I'm skinny dipping with you
played strip poker?:Oh, yes. Let's play a game right now!
had a medical emergency?:There was this time a man stepped on me and all my fruity fluids came splurting out.
ran away from home?:Never be stepped on, I'm telling you.
done something extremely unexpected?:It hurts.
slept outside?:A lot.
been onstage?:So much.
deep stuff....
whats your biggest fear?:Ah, yes, the DEEP STUFF.
what was your weirdest dream?:I've been waiting for this the whole survey!
scariest dream?:I mean, all this shallow, lovey-dovey, matierialistic stuff.
do you have a reoccuring dream?:BUT NOW THE DEEP STUFF.
what was your best dream?:Like ...dreams?
what IS your dream?:DREAMS?!?!?
do you live in the moment?:I've been waiting this wole, 9324057373 question survey to talk about DREAMS?!?!
what you greatest stregth?:Honestly. I'm not to happy about this.
whats your greatest weakness?:I'm turning red. Not like I'm naturally red.
do you have a motto you live by?:Ah, I guess this isn't SHALLOW. My motto? "Sleep around and get around."
if your life were a movie what would it be called?:Yeah, I live by that.
do you have any bad habits?:It's my goal in life.
do you have any secrets?:To sleep with as many people as possible.
are you fake?:It's a life long DREAM.
what do you want to do in life?:Here I am, talking about dreams again.
are you a daredevil?:You know, dreams aren't shallow.
are you predictable?:But I wouldn't consider them all that deep.
do you keep a journal/diary?:I mean, ask me about my views on abortion!
if you could change one thing about you would you? what would it be?:On how we need to change the world!
if you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself?:On global warming!
do you think your a good person?:On smoking!
do you think your emotionally strong?:Not, "Do you smoke?" but, "What can we do to make the world less polluted?"
do you regret anything?:I definatley regret taking this quiz, Mr. Poet, sir.
do you think life has been good so far?:I think life would be better if people actually cared about things that matter.
what do you like most about you body?:AND STOP CARING SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. How deep is this question, srsly.
least?:Are you insane?
are you trust worthy?:Are YOU trustworthy?
are you gullible?:Let's start the revolution, not worry about gullibilty and looks.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
whyismyfishredwhyismyfishred on October 2nd, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
My Golly
Literally I was cracking UP this whooooollllle survey! It was so funny. You do have valid points. It is so true. I love my dear Mego. HAHAHAHA! You are my favorite. ,,,,,,COMMA,,,, (if i missed and commas)